Episode #52: Steam Holiday Sales 2014

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Nvidia Shield Tablet Unboxing and Review

The Nvidia Shield Tablet features an 8” 1080p screen, front facing speakers, a stylus, a Tegra K1 GPU, ARM A15 CPU, 2GB of Ram, and 16GB of internal storage. But most importantly it’s a tablet for gamers.

For a gamer that has never seen the use for a tablet before, my opinion comes from the gaming perspective. The question is, what does the Shield Tablet offer me on a daily basis? The only tablet I have personally owned before this was the first IPAD. I did not even purchase this device for myself. In fact, @slangarang got it for me for christmas

Unboxing the device reveals the pure quality Nvidia has built this product with. Thick coated cardboard, foam protection and a tight fit, means this product was protected well on it’s trip from New England to Texas. I unboxed this product live with slang on comms, as soon as I received it. I now have two weeks of experience with the device and understand what the product offers.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet offers impressive specs for a tablet, right from the get go. As an HTC One phone user, I was enthusiastic to discover the tablet offered the same design concepts I loved in my phone. With a solid construction, that has some heft, to the forward facing speakers it was designed perfect for media consumption. The difference in audio quality between the shield and the galaxy tab 3 is night and day.

Thanks to the Tegra K1 GPU video playback at 1080p is butter smooth, and on my dual band Asus, on the 5ghz band there is no buffering. I would hope not cause this thing also streams your games. The main selling point for this device is a tablet for gamers.

Although I was skeptical of the idea, gamestream is now a part of my everyday life. If you are a PC gamer with an Nvidia GPU (that’s the catch) you can stream your games from your pc to the tablet; not only over wifi, but the internet too provided the requirements are met. Requirements include 600 series or higher Nvidia GPU, 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 or higher, I3-2100 and a very highly recommended dual band router.(but not required)

If the requirements are met, the Shield not only plays the games but destroys them. Almost no controller lag, beautiful graphics, and yes a console mode that lets you play on your TV. Screw the steam machine if you already have a gaming pc, this is the device for you.

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