Episode #74: E3 PC 2015, R9 300 / Fury Series, Lack of Hardware Competition

CALLED IT! Gamestop Goes Retro

Evolve Splitting Season Pass into 2 to Make More Money

Rust Penis Size Determined by Steam ID

Razer Acquires Ouya

Project Cars 2 Announced

Intel Cutting Jobs and R&D

Broadwell i7 5775C Gaming Performance on par with Haswell

  • This is what happens when the competition is doing nothing!

Radeon R9 300 Series


E3 PC 2015

Nvidia Physx Powering Killing Floor 2 Bile

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay

Gears of War Ultimate Edition/4 Coming to PC

Hitman Releases December 8th

Open World Tom Clancy Game


Episode #80: Blindrun’s Birthday

Steam Machines Won’t Resume

Rainbow Six Siege delayed to December as team improves co-op experience and balance

Google Announces Their Own Router

Pokemon players arrested after bringing weapons to championship

Web comic gets stuck in dry swimming pool. Tweets ordeal and twitter saves him.

Game Releases This Week

Ascendant (PS4) – August 25

Calvino Noir (PS4) – August 25

Capsule Force (PS4, PC) – August 25

Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) – August 25

Madden NFL 16 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3) – August 25

Party Hard (PC) – August 25

Until Dawn (PS4) – August 25 (Main Actor is Mr Robot)

Layers of Fear (PC) – August 27

Satellite Reign (PC) – August 28

Disney Infinity 3.0 (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC) – August 30

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